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Computer Organization and Architecture   (Web Course)

IIT Guwahati

Faculty Coordinators

Prof. Jatindra Kumar Deka

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati 781-039
Email :
Telephone : (91-361) 2690 321-8  Extn: 2354 (Office)
                  (91-361)2691 152, 2584 354 (Residence)


Detailed Syllabus

Module - 1
Lecture-1: Introduction to computer system and its

Lecture-2: Number System and Representation of
Module - 2
Lecture-1: Arithmetic and Logical operation and hardware

Lecture-2: Software implementation of some complex
Module - 3
Lecture-1: Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Introduction to
                memory Unit, control unit and Instruction Set

Lecture-2: Working with an ALU, Concepts of Machine
                level programming, Assembly level
                programming and High level programming
Module - 4
Lecture-1: Various addressing modes and designing of an
                Instruction set.

Lecture-2: Concepts of subroutine and subroutine call

Lecture-3: Use of stack for handling subroutine call and
Module - 5
Lecture-1: Introduction to CPU design, Instruction
               interpretation and execution, Micro-operation
               and their RTL specification

Lecture-2: Hardwired control CPU design
 & 3

Lecture-4: Microprogrammed control CPU design
Module - 6
Lecture-1: Concepts of semiconductor memory, CPU-
               memory interaction, organization of memory

Lecture-2: Cache memory and related mapping and
                replacement policies.

Lecture-3: Virtual memory
Module - 7
Lecture-1: Introduction to input/output processing, working
               with video display unit and keyboard and routine
               to control them

Lecture-2: Programmed controlled I/O transfer

Lecture-3: Interrupt controlled I/O transfer

Lecture-4: DMA controller
Module - 8
Lecture-1: Secondary storage and type of storage devices

Lecture-2: Introduction to buses and connecting I/O
               devices to CPU and memory
Module - 9
Lecture-1: Introduction to RISC and CISC paradigm

Lecture-2 : Design issues of a RISC processor and
 &3           example of an existing RISC processor.
Module - 10
Lecture-1: Introduction to pipelining and pipeline hazards,
               design issues of pipeline architecture

Lecture-2: Instruction level parallelism and advanced
& 3           issues.
Module -11
Lecture-1: Introduction to interconnection network and
               practical issues.

Lecture-2 & 3: Examples of interconnection networks
Module - 12
Lecture-1: Multiprocessors and its characteristics

Lecture-2: Memory organization for multiprocessors  

Lecture-3: synchronization and models of memory

Lecture-4: Issues of deadlock and scheduling in
                multiprocessor systems.
Module -13
Lecture-1: Cache in multiprocessor systems and related

Lecture-2: Cache coherence protocols
Module - 14
Lecture-1: Parallel processing concepts

Lecture-2: Parallelism algorithm for multiprocessor


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