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Electrical and Electronic Measurements  ( Video Course)

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Faculty Coordinators

Prof. V. Jagadeesh Kumar

Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600036.
Email :
Telephone : (91-44) 2257 8380 (Office)
                  (91-44) 2257 9380 (Residence)



Detailed Syllabus


Topics to be covered
Units of measurement – the Fundamental units of SI, derived units, conversion factors
2, 3
Errors in measurement – systematic errors – propagation of errors
Presentation of data – significant figures – rules for rounding off
5, 6
random errors – treatment – Gaussian distribution – combination of random errors
7, 8
Analog indicating instruments-the PMMC, rectifier, MI and electrostatic type meters
9, 10
Electro-dynamic type watt meter, induction type energy meter
11, 12
True RMS meters, PWM type wattmeter
13, 14
Wheatstone bridge, Kelvin bridge, Megger
15, 16
Maxwell bridge, Anderson bridge, Wien bridge and Schering bridge
17, 18
transformer ratio bridge
Q meter
20, 21
Vector impedance analyzer
22, 23
Instrument transformers – CT/PT
Measurement of errors of instrument transformers
Digital systems – quantization
26, 27
Counter timer
28, 29
Analog to digital converters, flash, successive approximation type
30, 31
Dual slope ADC – digital multimeter
32, 33
The CRT, analog oscilloscope,
Digital oscilloscope
35 - 37
Virtual instrumentation

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